In Time I Could Love You

With quiet anticipation; an inner purr
I inhale with trepidation
The corners of my mouth; they curl
I dip my head and blush

Firm knuckles on wood
With scrambling confidence
I scatter
To prise with shaking wrist the lever
And still
I slam it shut

With shortened breath
My back towards the door
I lift my eyes and dream
One last peak through the keyhole
My moistened lips, they part
I am aghast
As you stand afore me

You are a Christmas gift
Laid beneath my tree
I wish to peel away your shiny wrap;
Just a corner
Are you really as you appear to be?

You see my courage where others see weakness; a threat
You understand when it might seem easy to judge
You radiate a voice of reassurance; of light
Sharp wit and joy
You utter the very words
As the sentences form inside my head

You have shown bravery and honour
Serving in desert storms
Your beautiful soul simmers gently
Beyond two golden chestnut eyes

A divine intoxicating concoction
Excitement as sherbet on my tongue
A feeling of wanting
To talk and make love until dawn

The stars have aligned
With sliding doors
A chance meeting
I am within your sight

The air smells sweet
The day shines bright
With the thought
I will see you again

I must take a chance if I am to move on
With faltering voice, I whisper
In time
I could

Sharp-toothed Lambs

After a while the
Knocks and scrapes;
The scars
Of a well-worn life,
Begin to show

The veneer of vanity
Hiding hurts
That are
Not always on the surface
For beauty is merely a commodity
We pay for in time and cost

It’s the concept of being numb
To the advances
Of a handsome stranger
The fear of not knowing
Whether his affections
Are genuine or
Extended in deceit
I cannot tell

Frightened as a child
I see an invisible prison
Sharp-toothed lambs
Lure me to slaughter

I have almost lost hope
In the honour of a good man
How to believe?
And yet protect myself

It is time to retreat
I must let my heart heal
And be content
To wait
And watch
The grey skies pass

To Be Free

To be able to show restraint
Such blessings appear to have passed me by
A body and mind with no “off” switch – on fire
I struggle to find my peace
A young bitch – on heat
Vying for my freedom
I ache to live life fast
And run and hold it all at once
In my grasp
It’s too much for most
They don’t understand
So I must wait and be tethered
Lead straining at my neck
Some say I should breathe
Just “be”
More “grounded”
But they are just labels
For those who have never known
What it means to fly
To be free